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WoW blog went asplodey this weekend. Nuked it from orbit and, of course, I never backed-up it anywhere so I have to start over from whatever I have stashed away. Yay. Highpoint: find a new/easier way to upload screenshots for a gallery.

Mage got to 85 (yay, number eight level 85 toon). I can totally cheat the LFD for heroics if I want to but I'm thinking "no" since my damage is craptastic. I'm thinking I wasn't meant to be a mage.

Poked at my little 62 dk, get him to 64 and realize I have no idea what I'm doing with him. Weren't dk's supposed to be roflstomp easy? Meh. Will do research.

Got the Justice points for last piece of BoA gear for MoP. Really want to roll a shaman to try out the healing but I want a panda shaman so I'm waiting. Not sure if I want to try and gear up another toon since I kind of shot myself in the foot by not doing all the zones while leveling.


Love it!

Moar Transmog Stuffs!

Managed to get into some BT pugs on Ophélia and finally got Absolution recolor chest off of Bloodboil so she's all set for transmog now. She's got the Avatar set, the Absolution set, the Absolution recolor set and a neat offset of random pieces and a couple neat staff options. This is beginning to remind me of playing dress-up with my Barbies...

Leralie has the whole Judgement set save the helm now and I'm trying to figure out sword and shield combinations that would complement. A recent shield acquisition off of NIghtbane has me debating whether to get the purple Judgement set just for kicks.

Rhanek, my dear little rogue, is now 68 and peeking his head into Karazhan while Leralie wails on the bosses. It doesn't look like he'll be getting the Bloodfang set but I was able to find a recolor set that I think looks pretty good. The majority of the pieces drop in Karazhan (thank god!) and Leralie can solo the majority of Karazhan faily well (only Netherspite seems to give her problems). The set is compromised of both spell and agi leather so some will make for great leveling pieces while the others will really only be just for transmog'ing. On his first time in, the boots, gloves, bracers and shoulders dropped. Had I been really thinking it through (i.e. not being lazy about leaving him at the raid entrance), I would have gotten him the headpiece off of Netherspite. Meh. There's always next week.


Transmog Stuffs

I have found an awesome place to look for Transomg fodder: The Visual Roleplayer (roleplaygear.wordpress.com).

I really like how the author even includes uncommon sets of armour that one would normally just vendor or use for disenchanting.

Notes for self:
(I have probably misspelled boss names...)

Absolution Shoulders off Mother Shaz
Absolution re-color Chest off Bloodboil

Judgement Pants off Ragnaros
Judgement Shoulders off Chromagus
Judgement Head piece off Neferian

Stormrage Chest off Neferian
Stormrage Pants off Ragnaros

Rwn (Nelf Mage):
Hallowed Raiment
Funny thing, this is actually the priest dungeon 3 set, BUT the pieces are not class specific (though the set bonuses are). I ended up running her through the dungeons with my paladin and managed to get her two levels without even really trying.

Rwna (Worgen Feral Druid):
Sunroc Leathers
This set is actually garbage greens that fall off mobs in the level 60-70 range. I'm substituting an eyepatch for the head piece for now until I find something I like better. Maybe some horns or a hood. I'm not totally sold on this yet for her but I can't think of anything else that fits her as a character.

Lerani (soon to be Worgen Rogue, renaming to Lachlan, Rhanek or Macrye when possible for a faction change)
I would love to get the Bloodfang set for my soon to be Worgen Rogue but I don't know how feasible that's going to be. Second choice is going to be the blue recolor out of the Outland dungeons or seeing how that whole Darkmoon Fair old armor set token whatever thing works out.

Ten kinds of crazy fun

I want to do this so bad...

Aw yeah...